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Installation of engine cover in DAF XF

Here FINALLY!! We present you with installation film of engine cover in DAF XF!!

Yes, we know that this installation is very difficult for many of our clients, but please watch our video, you will see that actually it is easy!!

Istallation of floor mats in DAF XF

DaMa Truck Interior comes to the rescue!! From your feedback we know how difficult is to install our products in the DAF XF (engine cover and floor mats).

That is why we have have made an instructional video on how to install the floor mats in DAF XF. We hope this video will help you !!

How do we pack our products!

In this simple film we would like to show you how our products are packed to be sent to our clients. We take care of every detail. The boxes are specially made for each product so they arrive to our client in the perfect condition. There is no space inside the box for the products to move and loose their shape. To some of the boxes we add instruction how to use our seat covers or how to take care of our engine cover or floor mats and not to make any creases. So enjoy!! We have perfection as a goal and the super quality of our products confirms it!!

“Sun screen” installation = VOLVO FH4

Today we invite you to our YouTube channel !! The latest video that we have prepared for you are the instructions

for installing the panel underneath the top shelf in Volvo FH4.

High quality products

Today we will talk about the engine cover with LED light !

Lots of clients ask “how does it work”, “can I walk on this floor?”…

Yes you can walk! You can even jump ! :) We will show you how :)

Meantime we invite you to CHOOSE QUALITY !!!!

LED-light installation in seat bases + floor mat Scania S

Many of our clients is asking us how to connect LED light in seat bases. ?Finally we have made a film to make it easier for you!!
Because we are doing it in Scania S Next Generation, we thought it would be also usefull to show you how to lay our big floor mat.

If you are not interested in seat bases and you just want to see the installation of the floor mat please push to minute = 0:15:11 ‼️

Scania R Next Generation – Engine cover

In the latest film we would like to show you how to install our engine cover in Scania R Next Generation!!

It is very easy and does not take more than 15 minutes. Result are really great!!

Welcome by DaMa

We always come to your home/truck and we are always welcome‼️

Now you are welcome at our “home”. We share with you “behind the scenes” of our production house!


In this short film we would like to show you how, in a short time,

you can install our seat covers on your seats

SIDE CURTAINS – How to fold the curtain

Hi!! In this video you will teach you how to hang our curtains and do beautiful fold so you get the result from our photos.

SCANIA S & R Next Generation – PELMET

Here you will find out how to install the pelmet in Scania S & R Next Generation


Here we would like to explain you how to install the cover on the seat part in Scania.


Many clients ask how the headrest cover has to be installed on the fold seat in Scania. To answer that question we have recorded new film with easy instruction from Tomek

SUN SCREEN INSTALATION – Scania R & S Next Generation

Hi everyone!! We would like to show you how to instal “sun screen” under the front cast in Scania S & R Next Generation!!

For the people who can not follow Dutch, I added subtitles in English.