Truck accessories for self-assembly

DaMa Truck Interior produces high-quality truck accessories for trucks of the following brands:


M.A.N Tgx





A new truck cabin in no time!

A truck cab is more than just a workplace. It is a place where a driver must feel happy.

A place where the driver can give his or her own individual twist.

With DaMa’s truck accessories you can equip your truck cabin as a second home, so you can get on the road with even more pleasure.

All our truck accessories are intended to be installed in a truck cabin by yourself.

The products fit precisely; in less than an hour you have a completely new truck interior.


Choose your personal version !

The big advantage of DaMa’s truck accessories is that you can choose your own personal version.

So you have the choice of upholstery with skai leather, fabric or Danish plush in all kinds of different colors and you can determine yourself with which stitching the upholstery is finished.

In addition, you can also choose whether you want an embroidery on, for example, on the engine cover, seat covers or dashboard mats.

Because of all these choices, every order is customized. Let us know your preferences and you will quickly receive a detailed quote for your new truck cabin.

Order truck accessories

Orders for our truck accessories can be placed via our contact form. To be able to process your order quickly, it is important that you include the following information with your order:

  1. The make and type of your truck.

  2. Your choice of truck accessories.

  3. The upholstery of the truck accessories (leather, fabric or Danish plush)

  4. The color of the fabric.

  5. Preference in terms of stitching, for example smooth (no stitching), diamonds, arches, long diamonds or V-stitching.

  6. A possible logo on the truck accessories.

The order can be picked up at DaMa truck interior in Sittard or delivered.

Choose a color for your new truck accessories:

DaMa offers a wide range of different colors for your new truck accessories.

Choose the color that matches the rest of your truck interior and give your order to us via the contact form.

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