Collection and use of personal data

We wish to notify you that we will collect and use the personal data that you give us because this is necessary for the purposes of concluding any agreement with you and performing it. This applies equally to our (potential) customers and to parties from whom we buy in goods and/or services. If you are a (potential) customer with us, we will use your data in order to be able to send you a quote, to be able to establish the specifications or expectations which a particular good or service is required to satisfy, to be able to deliver goods or perform activities for you, and to be able to invoice you and communicate quickly and efficiently with you about the implementation aspects of the agreement. If you are a (potential) supplier or other contractor, your personal data are equally required for the conclusion and performance of the agreement. In the case of purchases, this is necessary in order to inform you about the specifications or expectations which a particular good or service is required to satisfy from our point of view, to be able to send you a request for a quote or place an order with you, and to be able to pay your invoices and communicate quickly and efficiently with you about other aspects of the agreement. You are not obliged to give us your personal data. However, if you give us inadequate personal data, or none at all, it may well be possible that we will be unable to progress the activities mentioned above. 

Third parties

In connection with the performance of any agreement with you, it is possible that we may need to share your personal data with parties who supply components, materials and products to us or carry out activities on our behalf. Also, we use Microsoft Office and the associated storage facilities for emails and other files.

Marketing via our social media channels

Our brand uses various social media channels. We use these to contact our customers and for various marketing purposes. We can view certain personal data on a number of social media channels. We use the following social media channels:
• Facebook;
• LinkedIn;
• Instagram;
• YouTube.
We do not store these personal data, neither are we responsible for them. You decide for yourself what you share with us. You can select your data yourself via the privacy settings in the relevant social media platform. When using these platforms, you are bound not by our privacy policy but by that of the social media platform.

Sharing with service providers and third parties

First of all, we are bound by Dutch and European legislation regarding the sharing of personal data with service providers and third parties. We share your data with third parties who play a role in the performance of the services we provide, such as processing and filling your orders. In addition, we may also exchange your data with other parties whom we call upon to improve our services and our marketing activities. Thanks to processor agreements with those parties, we can guarantee the security of your personal data. All the data we receive are treated by us confidentially and with the utmost care. We share with our partners only the personal data which are necessary for the provision of the service and/or for the marketing purpose. To ensure that such data cannot be traced back to you, we anonymise them for you and share them only via secured channels. In this way, we guarantee your privacy.

Personal data storage period

If you have asked us for a quote but you have not become one of our customers, we will delete your data no later than one year after our last contact. Likewise, if we have received a quote from you but not become one of your customers, your personal data will be deleted no later than one year after our last contact. If you do become one of our customers, or we do become one of yours, then we will retain your personal data for a maximum period of seven years after the end of the financial period in which the agreement with you was completed. The period of seven years matches the period within which we are obliged to retain our administration records for the taxation authority. On the expiry of that period, we will remove your personal data.Lastly, you always have the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority if you believe that we are not handling your data with sufficient care. In the Netherlands, you can complain to the Dutch Data Protection Authority ( and in Belgium the Privacy Commission ( You have the right at any time to access the data that we have collected about you (right of inspection), and you can ask to have them corrected or supplemented (right to rectification), or removed (right to forget), you can request a restriction on the processing of the data or appeal against automated decision-making. If you wish, you can request that your data be transferred to a third party (right to portability of data). You also have the right at any time to withdraw your consent. If you wish to make use of the above rights, the opportunity is always available.